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President - Charles J. Graves

After recieving his degree in mechanical engineering from Indiana State University, Charles left Indiana to take a job for the former McDonnell Douglas Corporation in St. Louis. Here, he would both apply what he had learned and continue to learn each day. Charles still applys many of the disciplines from his schooling and from McDonnell Douglas into his works here at GSM. Since joining GSM in 1989, Charles has rose through the company ranks, and has been promoted to President of GSM following the retirement of his eldest brother Mark. Charles brings with him an extensive background in bidding and quotation, project management and scheduling, project safety, and team management. Charles is dedicated to bringing a projcet full circle, from conception to completion, but also to doing so on time and on budget.

In addition to his presidency of GSM, Charles also serves on several boards and commities such as the YMCA Board of Directors, the Local Board of Trustees for SMW Local 20, and the National Board of Directors for SMACNA.

Vice President - William K. Graves

He has been a member of our team since 1980. Also a former Journeyman, William brings a working knowledge of commercial, industrial, and specialty sheet metal works. He has worked in Graves Sheet Metal's fabrication facilities prior to the retirement of his father, as well as a few years after. William, with a hands on approach, manages jobs in the field ranging in size from extensive projects for Chrysler's oil mist systems, to the small exhaust hoods for local resturants. This practical and working knowledge, conmbined with multiple decades of journeyman experience give William the ability to provide customers with an accurate estimate, as well as an extraordinary final product.

Treasurer/Secretary - Karen R. Ewing

Karen joined GSM with great ambition to learn about the family business. She first joined under her mothers instruction, learning directly on the job. After her parents retirement, Karen would assume her mothers postion. Years of on the job experience provided her with the opportunity to ensure a smooth presidential transition. This experience would also bring GSM to the fore front of the community, as a primary metal fabrication facility. As her older brother sought to retire, her experience would again be called upon, to again ensure a smooth presidential transition. In the wake of Mark's retirement, Karen has been able to set her eyes on retirement herself. After devoting a lifetime to the company, and her children, GSM can say that Karen's retirement will be well deserved.

Fabrication Foreman - Joe L. Ewing

Joe recieved his Sheet Metal Workers Union card through our company, and has been with u ever since. He has had the capability to learn from his preceeding uncles, as well as other close friends of the family. During his tenour here at Graves, he has worked his way up from a simple truck driver, to the current fabrication foreman. Having served at all area of the trade, Joe has been able to utilize many years of experience and creative thinking to meet our clients fabrication needs.

Design, Drawing, and Estimation - Tyler A. Graves

Tyler joined the team as seasonal help, while pursueing his degree in Architecture at Ball State University. Since successfully graduating from Ball State's Architecture program, Tyler has become a crutial part of our company. He has been able to apply his education towards the betterment of the company, and has lead several inovative HVAC design solutions. Tyler strives to produce the highest quality prints for our clients, as well as to keep a highly organized record in the office.

Secretary/Billing - Nicole L. Ewing

Nicole joined GSM in 2012. She devotes all of her effort and time equally towards GSM's growing customer base, suppliers, and employees. It is Nicoles' mission to create a friendly and inviting enviornment for each returning customer, perspective customer, and all employees past or present. She also takes every opportunity to provide Graves Sheet Metal with cutting edge technology.