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The Mission of Graves Sheet Metal

No project, is too big, or too small for our skilled craftsmen to complete. This ideology became the inspiration for GSM's motto: "If it's made of metal, We can make it."

Our success here at GSM comes from our dedicated office staff, our experienced employees in our fabrication facility, our workers "Can Do Attitude" on the job sites, and above all the customers who provide GSM with the opportunity to exceed their expectations.

The employees of GSM work together as a team, to move towards an endeavor pursued by each member:

To produce a product that doesn't simply meet the needs of our clients, but exceeds any preconcieved expectations, to construct objects of the highest possible quality and craftsman willing to place oursleves above the competition, and to retribute the community in which we serve.

Jackie and China Cap

Graves Sheet Metal Co., Inc. employee Jack Johnston

kneels beside a recently completed

72" round 16 gauge galvanized steel China cap.

With 1-1/2" x 1/4" flat stock stand offs on a 36"round 2" x 2" x 1/8" angle iron ring.

Eagle 1 Eagle 2Eagle 3

Life sized Bald Eagle Sculpture made from 10 gauge hot rolled steel, for the Kokomo YMCA's $ 5,000.00 Dinner Auction.

Welded together by Jack Johnston, and Charles Grvaes. Later painted by Charles Graves.